Writing – Excerpt from an Old A-Z Guide

This is an excerpt from a 20-page A-Z reference guide I once wrote over a decade ago about seaQuest DSV… yes, that TV show from the 90s that had the dolphin.  This excerpt is used to illustrate the results of painstaking… and sometimes painful… research.  You remember their use of the internet, yeah?  The names in parentheses at various points refer to shorthand names for the various episodes, although these days, I would have been better using a numeric shorthand such as S01E04 to refer to the fourth episode of the first season.

[ Begin excerpt ]

Bourne, Alexander — Played by Michael York. Alexander Bourne took control of the New Ausland Confederation (aka New Australia) after being elected to office and turned it into the fascist state of Macronesia. Bourne is a man who enjoys adding more territories to his nation, by force if necessary. He hates the UEO and everything it stands for. He is slimy, devious, and a lecherous man. He loves wine and women and classical music. (Brave) A man of refined tastes, he cultivates civilization around him, not caring how badly off his people are. He engineered the Spindrift Incident to embarrass the UEO and also conspired with Larry Deon to assassinate Thomas McGath in order to dissolve the UEO. (Spin, Lock)

Bridger, Carol — Played by Brenda King (Roy Scheider’s wife). Carol Benning is the woman who stole Nathan Bridger’s heart and never let it go. She is the mother of his son Robert. A scientist in her own right, she tolerated her husband and son’s naval careers. She knew how much the loss of their son hurt Nathan and willingly went with him to the Caribbean, where they lived on an isolated island owned by Nathan. She died of a rare tropical disease, something that might have been cured had they been closer to civilization. (2B) Nathan occasionally puts her picture into the holographic imaging scanner on board seaQuest. (Knight)

Bridger, Michael — Played by ?. Michael is the grandson of Nathan Bridger, a child born while seaQuest was missing. He was found on the steps of the embassy in Brussels when he was only days old, his mother apparently too sick to care for him. Neither of his parents were found again. (Brave)

Bridger, Nathan Hale — Played by Roy Scheider. Nathan Bridger is the best boat captain on the face of the Earth. He is not only a naval officer, he’s also a scientist, using both military steel and human compassion to fight for a better world. He is a widower, his wife Carol dying of a rare tropical disease. (2B) His son was presumed killed during a military skirmish in the Atlantic until 2032, when Nathan found out that he had a grandson. (Brave) Bridger is a man who leads by example. He won’t ask his people to do something he himself would not do. He will always seek a peaceful resolution to any conflict before going to guns. He never claims to be perfect, merely someone who’s doing the best he can. His birthdate is up in the air. Centsys claims it to be March 17th, 1972. (Playtime) Others claim it’s November 10th, 1963. Nathan’s best friend in the entire world is Darwin, a bottlenose dolphin he rescued while living on an island in the Caribbean. (2B) Bridger is the lead designer of seaQuest, the world’s largest deep submergence vehicle. He designed the boat to be a deterrent, drafted in a time of skirmishes as a peacekeeper. His dreams of peace were furthered when seaQuest was given to the nascent UEO and turned into a moving research lab. Bridger was still living on his island when that refit took place, and his old friend Admiral Bill Noyce conned him back into military service, giving his life meaning again after the death of Carol. (2B) Nathan resumed active duty with the UEO, skippering both vessels named seaQuest until the second one’s disappearance in 2022. During his tenure as captain of the original seaQuest, he fended off UEO inspectors, worked to get Secretary General Andrea Dre impeached, and finally destroyed the vessel in order to prevent the melting of the polar ice caps. (Tonga, Lap, Fire) After building the second seaQuest, Bridger and his crew dealt with a rabid general, a Mesozoic crocodile, and renegade gelfs. Bridger and his crew were kidnapped by the people of Hyperion and were presumed dead for ten years. When seaQuest was found in 2032, he retired, leaving the service to search for his son Robert and raising his grandson Michael. He maintains emeritus status with seaQuest’s few remaining science crewmembers as well as his ties to the scientific community. (Brave)

Bridger, Robert ‘Bobby’ — Played by Thomas Martin. The son of Nathan and Carol Bridger, Robert was also career Navy. He roomed with Ben Krieg at Annapolis and told Krieg many stories about his father and told his father about a certain Ben who painted the Army mule pink at Homecoming. (2B) He once considered leaving the service and talked to his father about it, but Nathan gave him no pointers other than to make his own decision. (Flat) He was presumed killed in a skirmish in the North Atlantic. His father never knew otherwise until 2032, when Robert’s son Michael was given into his custody. Robert remains missing, although Nathan still searches for him and his wife. (Brave)

Bridger’s Folly — The official name of the swim tubes, the system of tubes filled with water that Darwin uses to travel throughout seaQuest. (2B) They are also called hydropressure tubes or aqua-tunnels, and Nathan Bridger still holds the patent on them. By 2032, every undersea colony uses them. (Brave)

Bridger’s Island – A small island in the Yucatan Peninsula where Nathan Bridger and his wife Carol lived with Darwin after the death of Robert Bridger. It was mostly razed by Macronesian forces during the time that seaQuest was missing for 10 years. Bridger and Lucas reunited there in 2032. (Brave)