Chronology: seaQuest DSV and 2032

Just for grins, I excavated this from my archives.  It’s part of a 141-page document I have with a number of cool quotes from the early 90s TV show seaQuest DSV and the rebranded seaQuest 2032.  The first 20 pages of the document represent an A-Z glossary of people, places, things in the series and their relationships to one another, such as Robert Bridger being the son of Nathan Bridger who was killed in action before the series started, that sort of thing.  This is one of the earliest fun non-gaming chronologies I ever researched.  Do enjoy!

The Prehistory of seaQuest DSV and seaQuest 2032

c. 47 BC: Julius Caesar sets fire to the Great Library of Alexandria. The library is rebuilt and survives another 200 years.

c. 151 AD: An earthquake sinks the annex of the Great Library, preserving it intact underwater.

c. 301 AD: The main portion of the Great Library is destroyed in an Egyptian civil war.

c. 1884: Franklin Wise is born.

April 1, 1913: Lillian Strath-Harrin embarks on a world voyage aboard the RMS King George.

April/May 1913: The George sails on her maiden voyage out of Southampton, England. Five days out from Lisbon, Spain, she sinks.

May 13, 1913: Robert Fitzgerald, the engineer aboard the George, dies of pneumonia. Lillian suspects that the captain murdered him out of jealousy.

August 26, 1914: The last entry is made in Lillian’s diary. It only says ‘I hate him.’

c. 1953: Franklin Wise allegedly commits suicide.

August 26, 1960: Harry Sutter is born.

November 10, 1963: Nathan Bridger is allegedly born. (continuity error)

c. 1964: Maximilian Scully is born.

October 10, 1968: Manilow Crocker is born.

March 17, 1972: Nathan Bridger is allegedly born. (continuity error)

c. 1975: Leslie Ferina born in New York.

c. 1978: Nana Thomas (mother of Zachery Thomas) is born.

c. 1983: Nathan Bridger and Bill Noyce meet at Annapolis.

c. 1985: Tobias LeConte (the human child) is born. Manilow Crocker enlists in the US Navy.

c. 1987: Nathan Bridger marries Carol Benning.

c. 1989: Leslie Ferina receives a scholarship to the University of Rhode Island. Robert Bridger is born.

June 10, 1989: Jonathan Ford is born. (continuity error)

March 4, 1990: Jonathan Ford is born. (continuity error)

June 17, 1990: Katherine Hitchcock is born in Cody, Wyoming.

c. 1992: Leslie Ferina receives a doctorate in Marine Geophysics from URI at the age of 17.

May 25, 1992: Timothy O’Neill is born.

March 10, 1994: Leonard Sutter is born.

c. 1996: Leslie Ferina develops the hemosponge, an artificial gill.

c. 1999: Leslie Ferina is stripped of all of his credentials for ethics violations when he adapts a hemosponge to a land mammal. Los Angeles is destroyed in an earthquake predicted and witnessed by Clay Marshall.

c. 2001 – 2003: The Dark Age of Genetics.

c. 2002: Zachery Thomas is born. Leslie Ferina builds Aquasphere 1, the first permanent underwater colony. It was later known as Trenchtown because it failed.

February 28, 2002: Lucas Wolenczak is allegedly born. (continuity error)

December 23, 2002: Lucas Wolenczak is allegedly born. (continuity error)

c. 2003: Chloe Walker is born. The Liberte, a space station built by the North Sea Confederation, is launched. Leslie Ferina is thought to have committed suicide after his houseboat goes up in flames.

c. 2004: The creation of gelfs is outlawed by the United Nations.

c. 2006: Manilow Crocker serves with Nathan Bridger in the US Navy. The Crystal Water Act is passed by the United Nations.

c. 2007: NorPac begins Project seaQuest with Nathan Bridger as the lead designer. Jonathan Ford goes to Annapolis.

October 19, 2009: The Liberte crashes into the ocean.

c. 2010: The end of World War III. Robert Bridger is killed in action. Nathan Bridger resigns his commission and moves to an isolated Caribbean island to do research. Gibby Sutter is born. Manilow Crocker transfers to Pearl Harbor to work in security. The Korean Conflict erupts.

c. 2011: Max Scully is reported killed in an explosion during an attempt to sabotage a whaling vessel. Katie Hitchcock graduates at the top of her class at Annapolis. The Solar Flare Crisis.

May 2011: The Rolling Stones release their last single, ‘Try to Light My Fire’.

c. 2012: Nathan Bridger runs across Leslie Ferina in a grocery store in Dominica.

c. 2013: The Great Oceanic Land Rush. Many settlers stake claims to areas of the ocean floor. Harry Sutter is one of them.

c. 2014: The Congo station air regeneration system is built.

c. 2016: Colonel Thomas, Sergeant Walker, and their families are presumed lost at sea near Landau Trench.

c. 2018: The Livingston Trench Incident. The UEO is formed from the remnants of the UN.