[Gaming] LotRO 10-Year Retrospective [170+ Images]

Hi there, my name is Jean Prior, and I occasionally go by Druidsfire on the forums and social media, or Phoenix or Kyriana in-game if you’re on one of the North American servers. As Lord of the Rings Online has surpassed its 10th anniversary, I felt like I should write some kind of retrospective on my experiences with the game over the past decade. This interest was magnified when I discovered to my own surprise that I have an uninterrupted screenshot archive from the past decade despite hard drive crashes and new PCs. While I have written about the game as a member of gaming press, I am also one of the players granted permission to stream on the game’s official Twitch channel. This may sound familiar to those who watched my anniversary stream on the official, as I used the following document as my script, but the stream occasionally went off into the tide pools.  I wrote this not only for the players who remember what the game was like back in the day, but also newer players who may never have seen some of these things before.

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[Gaming] LotRO 10-Year Retrospective

As Lord of the Rings Online approached its 10th anniversary, I went and wrote a rather lengthy retrospective after digging up my screenshot archive and finding an uninterrupted stream of pictures from the entire past decade.  Sort of like a Buzzfeed article for an actual writer, I would like to share the 15k-word article and the 170+ screenies.  However, given that some folks have a data cap or are reading on mobile, I chose to post this teaser article before linking you the actual full article with the embedded screenshots.

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Chronology: seaQuest DSV and 2032

Just for grins, I excavated this from my archives.  It’s part of a 141-page document I have with a number of cool quotes from the early 90s TV show seaQuest DSV and the rebranded seaQuest 2032.  The first 20 pages of the document represent an A-Z glossary of people, places, things in the series and their relationships to one another, such as Robert Bridger being the son of Nathan Bridger who was killed in action before the series started, that sort of thing.  This is one of the earliest fun non-gaming chronologies I ever researched.  Do enjoy!

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Official Incarnations of Immortality Chronology

This page represents a reprint of my chronology of Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series that was hosted on http://www.spundreams.net/~phoenix/IoIChron.html which I ported here to my site.  The original page remains on Spundreams as an archive with a redirect here so I can keep all the good stuff in one location. Please note, this is considered by his own words as his official chronology of the first 7 books of the series.  It is listed by URL and me by name (although Mr. Anthony thought I was a bloke) in the Author’s Note of the 8th book in the series, which takes place in the past of an alternate reality very much divorced from the first 7 books, so I never revisited the history.  That being said, do enjoy the chronology as much as I enjoyed doing the research, because I’m a lore nerd.

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